Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! 20% Off Mugwump till Sunday!

It's nice to have an Earth Day to remind us to do our part. All the little things add up... Turn off the lights. Turn off the water while brushing. Walk to the store once in a while. Use, reuse and recycle. Enter Suzanne Keolker , creator of Mugwump. She creates lovely accessories with items that would be headed off to the landfill. By altering these unwanted items, she gives them a renewed life. How can an old "Cat in the Hat" book be discarded? Her work is prolific, from wallets out of maps to purses out of place mats. We are offering 20% off your purchase of any of her creations now thru this Sunday. As Suzanne says, "Save the earth and look good doin' it!"

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